The Mediterranean, a bridge between continents, part 3/4

For Containerships, the Mediterranean is the gateway to the emerging markets of North Africa. The companys’s shipping operations in the area are run from four offices located in Turkey.


Image: Containerships’ service map (stand August 2016)

Containerships’ customers in the Mediterranean include both large and small companies dealing in everything from household appliances and electronics to food and clothing. Hakan Cevik, Division Director for the Mediterranean, points out that all customers are viewed as being equally important.

“I would never rank our customers. Every single one is important to us and we try to provide them all with the best possible service. A small client can soon become a large customer, and vice versa. From a business point of view, it is safer and steadier to have several customers of different types and sizes than to depend on just a few large ones.”

Over the years, Containerships has gained a strong position in container traffic headed for North African countries. In Libya, it is among the top two importers of cargo. From a small beginning in 2012, the Algerian business has grown hugely within just a few years, placing Containerships among the five top shipping companies. The company is also a well-known and trusted player in Tunisia.

 “As in other countries, we operate as a door-to-door carrier in Tunisia, picking up the cargo from the sender and delivering it directly to the recipient. This means that we need to do a good job and be an attractive brand in the eyes of both the sender or seller, and the recipient or buyer.”