The Mediterranean, a bridge between continents, part 2/4

Containerships runs its own operations in Mediterranean from Turkey. Three container ships mainly operate to ports in Libya, Tunisia and Algeria.

Most goods passing from Turkey to export destinations are foodstuffs, or consumer products and groceries. Libya was once also a major destination for building materials.

“Before the 2011 revolution, Gaddafi’s Libya was a fast-developing state, which showed in the products exported there, such as construction materials and home electronics. The country has gone backwards since the civil war began and food is now the key product for its people, because very little remains of its own food production”, says Hakan Cevik, Division Director for the Mediterranean.

Containers bound for Tunisia contain a lot of machines, textiles and household goods. On the other hand, with 39 million inhabitants, Algeria is Containerships’ largest export destination in the region, which can be seen in the varied mix of food and other goods taken there.

Around 90% of the products shipped to North Africa by Containerships are produced in Turkey. This means that the company plays a major role as a local operator and enabler of Turkish exports.



“Until a few years ago, Libya bought high numbers of products from Turkey and Turkish construction firms did a lot of business there, building schools, hospitals, roads and pipe systems. Since the collapse in export volumes, the focus has become Algeria, a country of enormous potential. The country is among Turkey’s top 20 export destinations.”

Hakan Cevik also views Algeria as a region of growing opportunities.

“We have both sales representatives and our own office in Algeria. We currently operate in two ports, but will start up additional port connections and other operations in the future. Many of our Turkish customers have offices in Algeria and we want to serve them as smoothly as possible in both countries.”