CASE: Armstrong World Industries

Armstrong World Industries, Inc. (AWI), created in 1860, is the world’s leading manufacturer of ceilings. AWI manufactures ceiling, wall and insulation elements in 25 factories that employ more than 3,700 people globally.

The company’s products are used in interior solutions in commercial premises, for improving amongst others the design, sound and security performances of buildings. The company’s products are manufactured in its factories around the world and include a large range of material solutions. With production facilities and customers located in several countries, smoothly functioning logistics are crucial to the firm’s business operations.

Project Manager Chris Appleby, who is responsible for the development of the supply chain in Europe, Africa and the Middle East says that Russia, in particular, has been an important focus of logistical development in recent years.

“In Russia, we have developed a supply chain which covers transport, storage, processing, distribution and the entire related process. St. Petersburg and Moscow are key locations for the import of goods and for customer deliveries, but the production facility opened in the Republic of Tatarstan has also created greater need for transport” .

Armstrong World Industries’ cooperation with Containerships began many years ago, when Containerships was the logistics partner of several of AWI customers in Russia.

“When we began operating in Russia, Containerships was the number one transport company used by our B2B customers, for whom we packaged goods into containers. So our first contact with the company was indirect, via a middleman,” says Appleby.

“Once we had developed our Russian operations, Containerships became our cargo partner too. All goods we exported from the UK and Germany to St. Petersburg were transported by Containerships. We also began transporting containers of goods to Moscow from Newcastle via St. Petersburg, with Containerships taking on this route as well.”

Trust is key

Chris Appleby states that the long-standing cooperation with Containerships is particularly due to the strong and reliable partnership between both organisations.

“We feel that, as an organisation, Containerships always gives us its very best. They are flexible and highly proactive, cooperative and ready to come up with viable solutions if problems occur.”

“The local office has always ensured that the containers are transported via the fastest routes and on time. Relations with the company are also great on a personal level.”

Appleby points out that even though Containerships’ pricing is competitive, this is only one of the reasons for the partnership. Quality always comes first.

“It’s great that we have had the same contact persons at Containerships for several years; this ensures deep mutual understanding. We turned to Containerships again when we started developing our operations in Moscow a while back. For us, it is critical that our cooperation partner understands our business and products, and our market and operating environment.”

Chris Appleby says that two things clearly differentiate Containerships in its sector:

 “Quality of service and problem-solving expertise. These are critical to us.”

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